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Newest Features for DKNY at UK Fashion

donna-karan-cocktail-party-and-intimate-dinner-in-celebration-of-the-cartier-charity-love-bracelet-pj6lw9Hello to all fashionista in World Wide Web. I am now featuring the momentous designer brand came from New York. This Brand of designer products are one of the well known and most respected brand in the U.S. And in other fashion cities worldwide. Let us give way on Donna Karan New York (DKNY).

In this article, we will see the whole network of DKNY in the fashion industry.dkny_wb We feature also the latest and the hottest products which in the Donna Karan’s associated line. The modern apparel and accessories corporation, DKNY, was founded in 1985 in New York by Donna Karan, head designer, and her late husband, Stephan Weiss. Karan had a challenging goal of combining comfort and luxury in her clothing lines to appeal to her target market. Karan believes that whatever design she creates, it begins and ends with the body. DKNY became a publicly-traded venture 1996, and in 2001, was purchased by LVMH, Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton, a French luxury corporation. The first flagship stores opened in London in 1997 and New York City in 1999. The DKNY headquarters is located at 550 Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, New York. There are currently seventy Donna Karan collection and DKNY stores globally, including twenty stores in China including Hong Kong and Shanghai, two stores in Canada including Vancouver, B.C. and Montreal, four in Dubai.dkny

Many labels and brands have branched off of the original DKNY brand/label including DKNY Jeans, pure, DKNY Active, DKNY Underwear, DKNY Juniors, DKNY Kids, and DKNY Baby. After eight years of creating only women’s apparel, Karan considered the needs of the many men in her life beginning with her husband, and generated a menswear collection called DKNY Men in 1992. This new label consists of tailored suits, dress wear, formal wear, casual wear, sportswear, and shoes. The DKNY beauty collection was also derived in 1992. Since then, DKNY has created a successful skincare line and popular fragrances.rachel_bilson_500x375

DKNY is already one of the major brand in the Designer clothing industry which in line with Ralph Lauren and other well known brands. DKNY offered now wide variety of designer clothings and accessories for men and women as well as for children also. You can see some products online like in Designer clothes online.dkny2



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