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Century Old Brand Burberry Still on the Top Spot of Fashion Industry

burberry-logoAre you wearing Burberry Luxury clothing? The Designer brand Burberry is a British luxury fashion house which manufacturing clothing and fashion accessories. Its distinctive tartan pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. The company has branded stores and franchises around the world, and also sells through concessions in third-party stores. It runs a catalog business and has a fragrance line. Burberry nowadays, is one of the prominent manufacturer of luxury Designer clothes online as well as in typical fashion houses. This century old brand of elegant designer clothings are spreading its network as continue competing into top Designer brands like Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch,  forever 21, DKNY, Guess, etc.

061204-burberry-hp1Burberry’s trademark products are its fashionable handbags and exclusive fragrances. The Design Director is Christopher Bailey. The Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Both “Burberry” and “Burberry’s” are registered trademarks although “Burberry” is used more than the “Burberry’s mark. Burberry was founded in 1856 when 21-year-old Thomas Burberry (1835 – 1926), a former draper’s apprentice, opened his own store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. By 1870 the business had established itself by focusing on the development of outdoors attire. In 1880 Burberry invented gabardine, a hard wearing, water-resistant yet breathable fabric, in which the yarn is waterproofed before weaving. In 2006 Rose Marie Bravo, who as Chief Executive had led Burberry to mass market success, retired.

burberry-productsTo complement the Burberry USA online store, the UK in October 2006 launched their transactional store, and in March 2007, extended order fulfillment across selected European countries. In November 2007, fulfillment was again extended to the whole of the EU. Both sites offer the latest new arrivals and classic pieces. And this year (2009), Burberry recently announced their total revenue increased at 30% on an underlying basis. The brand’s retail sales rose 25% driven by new and existing stores.

burberry-spring-summer-2008-ad-campaignAs they prove their continuous prosperity, Burberry is expanding and developing new designs that they contribute into the fashion industry. They target and cater all fashionista all over the world. The trademark of this brand is highly respectable because of its honor of maintaining high quality products as the people patronize it for more than a century.


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