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The World’s Largest Fashion Event: CLOTHES SHOW LONDON 2009

clothes-2An oozing and banging busy preparation this time at London because of the most awaiting World’s Largest Fashion Event in this year; The CLOTHES SHOW LONDON 2009. The official countdown in this event was officially opened already. Clothes Show London will hits up this coming May 29-31, 2009 here in London. This event is mark as one of the most reputable event in London Fashion because through this show, London will recall its crown as the Fashion Capital and largest fashion city in the world. In this aspect, there are lot of shining indie designers that bloom their career as they show up their master piece in the stage. They bet their work to be well known as part of Top Designer Clothes in the land.

clothes-3Well, we all know that Paris is the well known Fashion Capital in the world for numerous decades. This time, London with the cooperation of British Fashionistas, they set an event that will rollback the crown to London as they settle and acclaim now that London is now the Fashion Capital because of Clothes Show London. This event emerge all the culture fashion of all major fashion cities in the world as they gather in this event and contribute all the newest and hottest master piece of their designs and trends. There are lot of designer clothings that highlight in this event by hundredths of Supermodels that show up into the ramp for their catwalks.

clothes-1The London Fashion Industry as well as the worldwide Fashion industry cooperates in this event especially the well respected brands ion designer clothing industry like Ralph Lauren and other well known designer brands. The events highlights these activities: Catwalk shows, Designer collections, Erin O’Connor, Trend Presentations, Nail and Champagne Bar, George Lamb, Designer Beach, Caryn Franklin, Fashion Theater, Expert advice, Louise Roe, Boutique brands, Vintage collections, pampering treatments, Brendon Courtney, Swimwear shack, World Class Models, S/S 2009 Reports, Prestigious awards ceremonies, Hilary Alexander, Beauty perfection, and many more.

clothes-4The Clothes Show London 2009 was advertise with a superlicious model Andrea Krakhecke. She is one of the supermodel that participate in the catwalk show on the said event. She promotes this event as the producer of this event chosen her to be the angelic face of Clothes Show London 2009.


5 comments on “The World’s Largest Fashion Event: CLOTHES SHOW LONDON 2009

  1. Largest fashion events London.

  2. Design Training
    April 21, 2009

    Nice model you have

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  5. Chantelle Munt
    May 21, 2009

    ViCE’S long awaited debut will take place at The Clothes Show London.
    This is really going to be a spectacular show as in previous years more established artists such as Sugababes, Blue, Amy Winehouse have all performed for this event but this year the boys are stealing the stage and keeping it to themselves! Which is validation in itself that these boys are hotter than the average. Their official site ( is being kept under secret wraps until the morning of the 29th May! Exciting stuff! You heard it here first!

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