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The Intimacy of Stripes and Voluptuous Checkered Fashion Trends

The Stripes Intimacy

Stripes 2We all know that we are not contented into the connotation of common fashion. We intend to explore everything what we have got into newly expressive design and styles of our genre in fashion. As one season slips into the next, we are all searching for new ways to make the most of our outfits. The key is to invest in styles that are trendy and transitional. Designer clothing products that give another level of fashion into your intimacy of fashion.

Stripes 4Some of fashionista disregard the accent and beauty of stripes fashion apparels. But despite of that, stripes trends are still stunning in the edge of fashion industry. In the motion of designer clothes brands there are certain way which they diversified the trendy look of stripes designs. They give more accent in colors so that it brings an indulgence of lively stripes intimacy.

Stripes 1The popular styles in stripes include horizontal stripes in traditional colors like red, white, and navy blue, and widths that range from traditional thick sailor stripes to styles that are pinstripe thin. Striped fashions come in a variety of styles and it was an outfit classic that can be worn during any season and for any occasions. From sunbathing on the beach to writing memos in the office, sporting striped fashions is a chic way to shift your look from day to night, beyond the spring season.

Stripes 5Horizontal stripes are suits for thin people because they look fat when they wear horizontal stripes. While the vertical stripes are worn by shorter people so that they look tall. In the classic trend of stripes, only the horizontal and vertical designs are popular and well made in fashion. But nowadays, because of the trendy development of stripes fashion, it allocates into different designs and styles. There are styles of stripes which twirls, slush, round up stripes, and many more.

Stripes 3When it comes to stripes fashion, the function of this trend is to give us unique style which restyled our selves in sporty and active personality. The intimacy of stripes fashion is more trendy than any other designs and styles. That’s why, Polo Ralph Lauren products indulge into the stylish trend of stripes polos.stripes

The Voluptuous Checkered

Checkered 4Checkered trends are combinations of dark and light patches which divided into squares. Just like the strifes trends, checkered define as unique trends that diversified our taste into casual, formal, and simple concept of styles.

Checkered 3The lenient design which improvised as voluptuous checkered are part of sporty outfits. Checkered fashion was not common because some of the checkered apparels are mostly seen in car racing event which some of the people wears checkered because it symbolizes the race track.

Checkered 2In some other way, checkered styles are mostly seen as table cloth in restaurants and dining area of our houses. But don’t under estimate the checkered trend because checkered styles and designs of clothing are elegant and alluring in a way that when you wear checkered outfits you must accessorize it with Gold or silver accessories so that it gives powerful accent into your style.

Checkered 6Ralph Lauren apparels are styled with some checkered designs. Like the other designer clothing brands, most of them styled their products with checkered designs in order to bring out another unique statement of classic and modern blends up. Checkered 1This is to give an essential product that suit for all fashionistas who are changeable in behavior. Checkered style is worth define as changeable. A nice wardrobe for fashionista that express different styles of her fashion statements.Checkered 5


2 comments on “The Intimacy of Stripes and Voluptuous Checkered Fashion Trends

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    May 21, 2009

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    Fabulous designer clothing and a styled product with checker designs;
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    And for special romantic time…Thank you…Zuzanna

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