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The Modern Fashion Culture: Denim Invasions

Denim1Who don’t need jeans and other denim apparels in their Fashion statements? Denim fashion trend has an iconic concept of fashion lifestyle which brought a modern concept of fashion culture. This denim fashion emphasize the new level and new generation of fashion culture as we can see in modern fashion lifestyle of every fashionistas all over the world.Denim2From street fashion, stylistic freestyle trends, and up to casual or semi-formal fashion statements, you can determine the modern expressionism of denim fashion. As seen on many designer clothes brands, their denim products express the iconic new era of fashion.Denim3Why iconic new era of fashion? Denim express a modern style and design of fashion which hits up on the states of youngsters. Yes, Denim has almost reached an iconic status amongst the youngsters and whilst it is really difficult to point the time of exact evolution of the outfit called “jeans” into a youth icon, there is no doubt of their impact! Jeans which serve as the flagship of denim fashion.Denim4Denim trend starts in the culture of jeans which the fabric used in jeans called denim was only procreated jeans pants and shorts. Jeans has been, and is an important item of clothing for many decades. Denim garments came into existence during the 18th century, a time when there was abundant production of cotton. During that period, it gained importance due to its aspects of durability, and not easily torn which benefited physical laborers much.Denim5During the 19th century the garment was popularized by Levi Strauss, a well known name in the jean world. Denim clothing was manufactured by them for miners. 20th century brought jeans as a fad of pop culture. Western cowboy movies portrayed people wearing blue jeans. The 50s witnessed the cloth becoming a craze of the teen age population. Manufacturers utilized the situation by coming up with innovative designs like new colors, embroidery and patch works.Denim6Jeans seemed to become a key fashion item for the mid-1950s teenage generation, and since then they have remained constant though, its fashion forms have changed slightly. During 60s and 70s bell bottoms and hip huger patterns became popular. Until the time frame of jeans evolution boost up in the fashion industry, lot of designer clothing brands such as Levi’s, Guess, Ralph Lauren, and other brands are continue producing an iconic impact of denim products. This is the time where the denim trends well-established in the market.Denim7Denim is perhaps one of the most versatile materials that have never faded into oblivion in spite of the mushrooming of different materials and attires. It is almost an object of worship all across the world irrespective of religion, nationality or sex for that matter.Denim8Indeed, it has been conceptualized by fashion designers and worship people all around the world in the form of skin tight jeans, shrugs, minis, micros, pedal pushers, jackets and many more.Denim9From the place of normal clothing, denim has risen to be a fashion trend and is being adorned by fashion models. It has now become a symbol of modeling and modern fashion culture. The metamorphosis of jeans from a commodity to a fashion item happened during the 90’s; when jeans evaluated into a number of various other items such as jackets, shorts, skirts etc apart from the normal pants.Denim10To skim the cream of the denim market, the designer clothing manufacturers then, came up with various innovative ideas of using the denim fabric like poodle skirts, caps, handbags etc. It was during that time the denim sales skyrocketed. The world of fashion embraces now the denim invasion through women’s clothing as well as clothes for men. Currently the new millennium finds denim in each and every home; worldwide.Denim11


3 comments on “The Modern Fashion Culture: Denim Invasions

  1. Zuzanna M
    June 25, 2009

    Denim will not go out of style, great casual wear!

  2. michelle dellion
    June 25, 2009

    i love denim blue or black you can dress it up or down bathing suits re great!!

  3. alisha
    August 4, 2009

    good work

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