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The Wild Line of Punk Culture at Punk Fashion Trend

sabinaajnbh-28-img-b40 (1126243593)Are you aware of Punk fashion trend? Do you know the culture of it and where it starts? For a normal way of fashion trends in our everyday life, we are regularly know the common fashion such as everyday clothing, casual, formal, up to the fashionistas clothing line. But when it comes to street fashion, we know a lot also but not in this kind of fashion style (Punk Fashion). Punk Fashion is common to those people in the every corner of the street during night time. Punk Fashion is one of the signature fashion culture of street fashion where probably express the real street fashion.Punk 2This Punk Fashion has variety of components which categorizes into Original style Punk, 1980’s Punk style, Standard Punk style, Hardcore Punk, Anarcho-Punk, Crust Punk, Gothic Rock, DeathRock, Horror Punk, Skate Punk, Pop Punk, Droog Punk, and Suicidal Punk style. These variety of Punk styles are inhibited into different personalities of Punk people all over the world. You might tell this fashion as one of crazy line of fashion or it might be outrageous fashion that reflects the moody style of fashion statements in the street.Punk 3Punk fashion is the styles of clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, jewelry, and body modifications of the punk subculture. Punk fashion varies widely from the fashion style of Vivienne Westwood. Her styles are modeled on bands like The Exploited. Punk001This Punk fashion trend is distinctive social dress of other subcultures and art movements, including glam rock, skinheads, rude boys, greasers, and mods. These people have influenced punk fashion. Punk fashion has likewise influenced the styles of these groups, as well as those of popular culture. Punks use clothing as a way of making a statement. A statement that probably give you your own identity in the society.Punk 4Here are the evolve generation era of punk fashion as well as the classification of this punk culture.punk1

Original styles of Punk

This Original style of Punk Fashion is the beginning of where the Punk fashion started. This original punk fashions of the 1970s were intended to appear as confrontational, shocking and rebellious as possible. kiss-bandThis style of punk dress was significantly different from what would later be considered the basic punk look. Many items that were commonly worn by punks in the 1970s became less common later on, and new elements were constantly added to the punk image.19808 punk

1980s Punk Style

When punk underwent its 1980s hardcore, Oil/streetpunk, and UK82 renaissance, new fashion styles developed as parallel resurgences occurred in the United States and United Kingdom. 1980s punkThe US scene was exemplified by bands such as Black Flag, Minor Threat, and Fear. The 1980s American scene spawned a utilitarian anti-fashion that was nonetheless raw, angry, and intimidating. In the UK, much of the punk music and fashion in the 1980s was influenced by heavy metal and the Oi! scene.standard Fashion

Standard punk

In general, modern punks wear leather, denim, spikes, chains, and combat boots. They often wear elements of early punk fashion, such as kutten vests, bondage pants and torn clothing. There is a large influence by DIY-created and modified clothing which styled upon the designs of other designer clothing brands. Hair is typically dyed in bright, unnatural colors such as red, blue, green, pink or orange and arranged into a mohawk or liberty spikes.standard FashionHair could also be cut very short or shaved. Belts with metal studs, and bullet belts, are popular. Leather or denim jackets and vests often have patches or are painted with logos that express musical tastes or political views. Pants are usually tapered tightly. Metal spikes or studs are often added to jackets and vests.Hardcore Punk


There are several styles of dress within the hardcore scene, and styles have changed since the genre started as hardcore punk in the late 1970s. What is fashionable in one branch of the hardcore scene may be frowned upon in another. Clothing styles are often chosen to make moshing easier to perform. Plain working class dress and short hair with the exception of dreadlocks are usually associated with hardcore punk.Hardcore punkSome elements of hardcore clothing are baggy or tight jeans or work pants, athletic wear, cargo or military shorts like Ralph Lauren customary shorts, khakis or cargo pants, band T-shirts, plain T-shirts, muscle shirts, and band hoodies. Many hardcore punks wear sportswear and sneakers, including Pony, Adidas, Puma, Nike, and Converse apparel. Personal comfort and the ability to mosh are highly influential in this style.Anarcho-punk


Anarcho-punk fashion is a politicized adaptation of traditional punk fashion. This all black militaristic fashion was pioneered by Crass in the United Kingdom and by T.S.O.L. in the United States. A prominent feature is the heavy use of anarchist symbols and slogans.dsc_0277Some who define themselves as Anarcho-Punks may opt to wear clothing similar to traditionalist punks or crust punks, but not often to the extreme of either subculture. Mohawks, and liberty spikes are rarely seen, but can still be worn. Tight pants, bands shirts and boots are common. Hair styling products are often used only on the basis that the company who manufactures it did not test it on animals. Leather, often avoided as part of Veganism, may be replaced with imitation leather or cloth in a similar design as leather products.Crust Punk 1

Crust punk

Crust punk fashion is an extreme evolution of traditional punk fashion, and is heavily influenced by bands such as Doom, Amebic and Anti sect. Typical crust punk fashion includes black or camouflage trousers or shorts covered in patches, torn band T-shirts or hoodies covered in patches, studded vests and jackets, bullet belts, jewelry made from hemp and other natural or found objects, and sometimes bum flaps. Patches, even band patches, are often of a political nature. Clothing tends to be unwashed and unsanitary by conventional standards, and dreadlocks are popular.Crust PunkCrust punks sometimes sew articles of clothing with found or cheaply-bought materials, such as dental floss. Baseball caps with patches sewn on or studs implanted are popular headgear. Pants are often held up with string, hemp, or vegan-friendly imitation leather.Goth deathrock punk

Gothic rock/Deathrock and Horror punk

Deathrock and Horror punk fashion is similar to goth fashion. Black is the predominant shade. Deathrock and horror punk incorporates a sexier image, incorporating fishnets, corsets and elaborate make-up for men and women. The use of occult and horror imagery is prevalent on T-shirts, buttons, patches and jewelry. Other common adornments include band names painted on jackets or bleached into clothes, as well as buttons or patches indicating cities.Goth deathrock punkThe initials D and R may part of a cross bone logo, accompanied by other initials, such as C and A for California, N and Y for New York, or G and R for Germany. Hair may be in deathhawk style, an angled bangs style, or in a devilock style. The traditional 80’s Gothic Rock gave birth to the teased mohawk, unlike the Punk mohawk which was often fanned or spiked the Goth mohawk which is often referred to as the Death Hawk was slightly wider and teased, often crimped as well. This style has an effect to the Hip hop Fashion Scene also.Skate Punk

Skate punk

A skate punk is a skateboarder who listens to punk rock. Common clothing items include: open plaid button-down shirts, wristbands, webbed belts, T-shirts, baggy shorts or jeans, and hooded sweatshirts with patches or spray-painted graphics.Skate PunkSome skate punks have been influenced by the Cholo/gang style. Skateboard clothing and footwear brands are commonly worn, such as: Baker, Emerica, Fallen, Spitfire Wheels, Toy Machine, Black Label, Vans, Globe International and Zero. While most skaters have long and messy hair, skate punks usually have short hair.Pop Punk

Pop punk

Pop punk fashion sometimes overlaps with skater punk fashion. Contemporary pop punk fans often wear items such as band T-shirts with ties or scarves; blazers; Pop Punk 1Designer Clothes Brand Dickies pants, jeans or shorts; studded belts; Converse All-Stars or Vans skateboarder shoes, and sometimes fitted hats.Droog Punk


Some punks dress similarly to the droogs in the film A Clockwork Orange. This involves white boiler suits, bowler hats, black Dr. Martens or combat boots, suspenders and sometimes black eye makeup on one eye only.Droog punkThis look has been displayed by bands such as The Adicts and Lower Class Brats, The Violators and Major Accident.Suicidal


Suicidals dress in styles associated with the Cholo gang member look. Cholo punk is another term used, but is better suited for those who are more heavily influenced by the Cholo/gang culture.96842402_lThis look, influenced by the California band Suicidal Tendencies, involves wearing bandanas on one’s head, Converse sneakers and other skateboard shoes, and blue plaid flannel shirts. Other commonly worn items include knee-high white socks, khaki shorts, baggy Diesel jeans and blue basketball jerseys with the number thirteen on them.Punk LadySuicidal Tendencies T-shirts, as well as related band T-shirts were popular, as well as white tank tops. This style sometimes includes a shaved head, short mohawk, crew-cut or long Jay Adams-style hair. Another item associated with the Suicidals scene is a baseball cap or trucker hat with the bill upturned, and with text written or painted on it.Punk LadiesAmong this classifications of Punk Fashion, some of this fashionable punk styles are already obsolete which never seen on the street already. Despite of that, there are lot of Punk fashionista who are still embracing their own fashion culture and statements.Avril1In line with fashion industry, this Punk fashion trend was pretty allocate as part of some fashion shows in some major fashion cities like in London and New York. This Punk Culture is already part of Fashion trend which some fashionistas love the styles as they can see on the catwalk shows. Other Designer Clothes brands produced products which already in used as part of Punk Fashion.Avril2


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  1. music t shirts
    July 1, 2009

    This Punk fashion trend is distinctive social dress of other subcultures and art movements, including glam rock, skinheads, rude boys, greasers, and mods. These people have influenced punk fashion.

    July 3, 2009


  3. VAL
    July 3, 2009

    There are lot of Punk fashionista who are still embracing their own fashion culture and statements.

  4. Teajunkie
    July 3, 2009

    Punk fashion has left it’s mark on the world. I will wear some times wear a black suit but I will still carry something Punk.

    I have a large Punk tote bag and It is my favorite handbag.

  5. Zuzanna M
    July 3, 2009

    Fantastic Collection of a unique and trendy Punk Fashion!

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