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The Charitable Punk Rock Maiden PINK: Fashion by Alecia Moore

Alecia MooreEverybody’s rock the world when Pink is coming up in let the party started. Pink is one of the music icon at late 90’s and early year of 2000. She had the hit songs that inspired lot of music lovers in town. In spite of her music career, her fashion style hypnotized the world of punk rock fashion. Her trendy style boost up on the new style and accent of Punk fashion in Fashion industry. She got the nice thing in stylistic fashion trend which evolves new era of fashion optimism. Pink has real lovely name called Alecia Moore who was born in Pennsylvania.Pink Sexy FashionIn her stylistic fashion statement, she implies an image of Punk Rock fashion that really emphasize on the designer clothing industry like Ralph Lauren brand. Alecia Moore has a wildest fashion statement as she perform on different hairstyle. No matter her hair is short or long, Pink in color or blonde, she was hot alluring maiden that rules the music arena.Alecia Moore FashionPink was born Alecia Moore in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Judith Moore, a nurse, and James Moore, Jr, a Vietnam veteran. Her father is Catholic and her mother Jewish, and her ancestors immigrated from Ireland, Germany,and Lithuania. Pink grew up in Doylestown, where she attended Kutz Elementary School, Klinger Middle School, and Central Bucks West High School. Her father played guitar and sang songs for her, and from an early age she aspired to be a rock star.Pink Sexy fashion Image3In high school, Pink joined her first band, Middle ground, which had an ongoing rivalry with another local band, The Jetsists. Middle ground folded upon losing a battle of the bands competition to The Jetsists. According to Pink, her biggest influences are Bette Midler, Janis Joplin, Steven Tyler, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Indigo Girls, Don McLean, 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G.Pink Sexy fashion Image4Pink, a vegetarian, is a prominent campaigner for PETA, contributing her voice toward causes such as protesting against KFC. She sent a letter to Prince William criticizing him for fox hunting and one to Queen Elizabeth II protesting the use of real fur in the bearskins of the Foot Guards and the Honorable Artillery Company. In November 2006, Pink mentioned in the News of the World that she was disgusted with fellow singer Beyoncé for wearing designer clothing animal fur. In conjunction with PETA, she criticized the Australian wool industry over its use of mulesing only after selling out her Australian tour dates. In January 2007, she stated that she had been misled by PETA about mulesing and that she had not done enough research before lending her name to the campaign. Her campaigning led to a headlining concert in Cardiff, Wales on August 21, 2007 called PAW (Party for Animals Worldwide). This highlighted her involvement with animal cruelty problems, as well as her unwavering commitment to contributing her voice toward such causes.Pink Sexy fashion Image5Pink is involved with many charities including “Phoenix vert”, Human Rights Campaign, ONE Campaign, Prince’s Trust, New York Restoration Project, Run For The Cure Foundation, Save the Children, Take Back the Night, UNICEF and World Society for the Protection of Animals. As of May 2008 Pink has been officially recognized as an advocate for the RSPCA in Australia. On February 16, 2009, Pink announced she was donating $250,000 to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal to aid the victims of the bushfire that swept through the Australian state of Victoria earlier that month, A total of 173 people are confirmed to have died in the fires with around 500 injured. Initial estimates were as high as 210 fatalities, but this was later revised down after further forensic analysis., claiming that she wanted to make “a tangible expression of support”Pink Sexy fashion Image7Alecia Moore is a real big thing in the eye of other people. She helps lot of people and not only people. She has an important role in securing the right of the animal to live. She hates wearing animal fur in which other designer clothes brand made it. I salute Alecia Moore for supporting an organization that helps in the right of the animals. She has a good character and well-commended fashion of will.Pink Sexy fashion Image8Pink Sexy fashion Image10Pink Sexy fashion Image9Pink Sexy fashion Image6


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