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Fashion Culture in Major Fashion Cities:The Tribute

Fashion CitiesFashion is every where but the trends are not just gather every where. The fashion trends are mostly acquired in major fashion cities worldwide. What is “In” is depends on the newest and hottest trends that brought by its fashion cities globally. Beyond those fashion trends that brought to us by the major fashion cities, it confides the culture and origin of its trends that firmly introduce to us by well known fashion designers or designer clothing brands.New York Fashion trendThe scope of this blog is to introduce to you the tribute of every fashion city on the blooming network of fashion industry worldwide. It is the network of fashion that invades the real fashion lifestyle of every fashionista in their fashion statements. This is to overwhelm the differences of every trends that introduced to us by every fashion designers in the said fashion cities.Paris Fashion TrendIn 5 major fashion cities in the world, in covers the scope of fashion world in its network, workers, and products. The trends that specifically innovates in rebirth of these major fashion cities who are grant an extra sensational aspect of our fashion lifestyle.Fashion culture in every cities are the greater aspect of fashion trends worldwide. Its the glorious contribution ever made by these major fashion cities which implicates their tribute into the transitions of every fashion generation worldwide.London Fashion TrendsLike in designer clothing industry, these major fashion cities conclave its brands of designer clothes. The network of designer clothing brands in these fashion cities reflects as booming networks because of the fashion houses through out the vicinity of the cities. These major cities are the business capital of well known designers brand companies like Ralph Lauren, Guess, and many more.Milan Fashion TrendThe 5 Major fashion cities who are stable in as top fashion cities worldwide are New York, Paris, London,Milan, and Tokyo. Let us know hoe their fashion culture differentiate to each other and how do their fashion culture affects on the fashion trends of today’s generation. Let us explore and see their contributions and tribute in the world fashion. Let us differentiate the fashion statements of every fashionistas in every fashion city.Tokyo fashion Trends…All About the Tributes of 5 major fashion cities, it will be post at the next update of this blogsite.

1. NEW YORK FASHIONNew York Fashion Lingerie2.PARIS FASHIONParis Fashion Lingerie3.LONDON FASHIONLondon Fashion Lingerie4.MILAN FASHIONMilan Fashion Lingerie5.TOKYO FASHIONTokyo Fashion Lingerie1Tokyo Fashion Lingerie


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    September 1, 2009

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    October 5, 2009

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    The previews are very intresting and impressive.

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