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The Famous and Finest Fashion Capital: Paris Fashion World

Paris FashionWhen it comes to finest and famous fashionista all over the world, French fashionistas are entitled for that. French has the most active contribution when it comes to world tribute of fashion culture. French fashion culture simply innovates and conquered the fashion industry globally by spreading the fashion materialistic in high class designs and styles of fashion apparels that they introduce globally in all major fashion cities.Paris Fashion 1Paris and French fashion are rightly world famous in a reason of some famous fashion designers are came from France and Paris as being the civilization of fashion industry and became the first fashion capital all over the world. French fashion sets the trend with icon brands such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Hermes, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and American brand Ralph Lauren who has network in Paris and other parts of France. Many lesser known French fashion designers turn Paris into the fashion city of the world.Paris Fashion 2In exploring Paris city in the conceptualization of fashion city settings, there are lot of fashion brands here which known as lesser known fashion designers which actually impulsive and dedicated in producing elegant fashion apparels. These designer clothing brands are only exist in this wonder city of Paris but their products are highly competitive in the market.Paris Fashion 3If these lesser known designer clothes are having network in other fashion cities, it brings more money from them and gives more variety of new fashion trends in fashion industry. Most of these fashion brands have stores in Paris. While in Paris, discover French fashion at its best.Paris Fashion 4The French and world greatest jewelers are all there in a splendid 17th century setting. Many French fashion designers have a corner at the well-known Boulevard Haussman department stores. Locate all these venues on Paris shopping map. The big shopping centers in and around Paris have many French fashion shops with affordable prices. Paris Fashion 5Going there, you will also have the opportunity to meet French people doing their daily shopping. A good way to discover the contemporary French way of life. Paris fashion shows are restricted to professionals. You can see the schedule and Paris fashion show pictures.Paris Fashion 6Let’s not just go up into the fashion apparels from Paris. Let’s culminates the contribution of French fashion in the world and think of Paris on how she handles the gracious glory of fashion industry into its hand as being the famous part of fashion culture.Paris Fashion 7Paris for me is still the fashion capital all over the world even though the networks are already in New york and London. French Fashion is still the culture who was prominent and finest contributor of all major fashion apparels.Paris Fashion 8Paris Fashion 9Paris Fashion 10


5 comments on “The Famous and Finest Fashion Capital: Paris Fashion World

  1. Angela Corrias
    September 9, 2009

    Paris capital of fashion? I thought it was Milan… Only joking, just a burst of national pride ;-P

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  3. Ramon
    October 5, 2009

    Since you’re into fashion I think you’ll like this site – you can pick from clothing designers and create outfits. You’ll be able to mix and match clothes to see what outfits would look better.. Its pretty cool!

  4. buttfashion
    July 15, 2011

    All those who have had a fashion and you experience vouch for it since it is a one stop destination for all your fashion needs.

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