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Latest Top Fashion Cities: Fashion Industry Network

Top Fashion Cities ImagesGo for the next level… This is what fashion cities all over the world intends to the fashionstas where to go through in  worthwhile shopping while having around the world trips nowadays. Yes, every fashion city has each own fashion identity in which they tend to overload in order to show up some level up when it comes to their fashion trends and network in their places.Top Fashion Cities Images1Let’s have visit the worthwhile fashion network of every designer clothes in every fashion cities worldwide. Yes, in every fashion city, the network of fashion industry is differed form one another because it depends on the the trends which is “IN” in every places. Like for example: The fashion trends in Milan is different from what is “IN” from New York and London.Top Fashion Cities Images2In every Fashion cities, Fashionsitas have different contextual mind with regards what is the number one fashion city all over the world. Of course, if you are from United States you might tell that New York is the number one Fashion city.Top Fashion Cities Images5Well, if you are form Italy, obviously that you will find Milan is the number one on the top spot. Hmmmm… How about if you are from France? I’m sure Paris is number one in your heart. Well, as the fashion industry keep on spreading its widespread networks, people are continue also rank every fashion city into its places from the top spot of top fashion cities all over the world.Top Fashion Cities Images4According to the Reuters and other Global Media outlets when it comes to covering the fashion industry all over the world. Here’s the list of top fashion cities nowadays. Let’s see which fashion city which is near form us are well known on the rank and see how each network alive from the mind of every fashionistas. Paris is always number in our heart but for the eyes of media, her’s the top list of Fashion cities.Top Fashion Cities Images61. Milan – Not only overtakes New York but also Rome and Paris.

2. New York – Knocked out of Top Spot by Milan after a five-year run.

3. Paris – No 1. in our hearts but No. 3 in the media.

4. Rome — The Eternal City still reigns strong.

5. London – London remains the laggard of the Fashion Elite.

6. Los Angeles – Holding its own at No. 6.

7. Hong Kong – Leaps over Sydney and Tokyo to seize the lead in Asia/Pacific.

8. Sao Paulo – A remarkable rise, now dominating the Latin-American scene.

9. Sydney – Solidly in the Top 10 while Melbourne sinks.

10. Las Vegas – Intense media spotlight ensures a top ranking.Top Fashion Cities Images711. Dubai – An unlimited budget continually exceeded.

12. Tokyo – Loses a bit of luster as it slips out of the Top 10.

13. Miami – Driven by its dominance in swimwear.

14. Barcelona – Takes the Iberian spotlight.

15. Shanghai — Now third in the China/Japan rivalry.

16. Mumbai – In neck-and-neck race for primacy on the Subcontinent.

17. New Delhi – Both Delhi and Mumbai break into Top 20.

18. Rio de Janeiro – Comes on strong but Sao Paulo is stronger.

19. Berlin – Hurt by weak showing in the ‘haute’ category.

20. Singapore – Fashion infrastructure strong, but hurt by the economy.Top Fashion Cities Images821. Madrid – Barcelona takes the Iberian crown.

22. Moscow – Remains strong as it drops out of the Top 20.

23. Santiago – Now third behind Sao Paulo and Rio in Latin America.

24. Buenos Aires – Strong in new interpretations of classic fashion.

25. Melbourne — Slips out of Top 20 as Sydney strives ahead.

26. Stockholm – Tops in Scandinavia with Copenhagen No. 2.

27. Bangkok – Breaks into the top tier of Asian Fashion.

28. Krakow – Hold an increasingly intriguing niche in Middle Europe.

29. Prague – Strengthening its position as a fashion capitol.

30. Mexico City – First time on the list.Top Fashion Cities Images9


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