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Branded Up Your Fashion Lifestyle: Feel Like a Supermodel

Branded Fashion TrendsDo you know what Victoria’s Secret? You must meet Yves St. Laurent with Versace. Well, after the whole day round, be friendly with Valentino and Fendi. Oh my Gosh! Do I look weird into my sentences? I think so… but you know what? Being fashionista, sometimes you act like an artist or just putting your personality in the edge of some Designer clothing brands that you wish to have it. What I mean is, you wish that some of designer brands apparels are part of your daily life. As I submerged into my previous sentences those Designer brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Yves St. Laurent, Versace, Valentino, and Fendi, they are now the highlight of this Blog topic.Branded Designer Trends

Some of us are wanted to incorporate those fashion apparels in our everyday life. But some of us are just a dream to have those stuff. Well for me, I can have Designer Clothes apparels but not all brands are in my closet. Yes, I have lot of Ralph Lauren apparels but not with these 5 brands that featured out today. Though my girlfriend has Victoria’s Secret lingerie as well as some stuff of Versace and YSL. Stuff from Valentino and Fendi is not common to me because I don’t have it yet. Well, I wish to have it if somebody can give me those stuff. LOL!Designer Brands Fashion

Being a fashionista is very difficult if your don’t have enough money to sustain your shopaholic mood. Branding up your fashion lifestyle is very difficult as well, because almost the price of precious stone is the price of designer clothing products too. So, how can you deal on that? You’re just wishing on the star or let your mind think of being a fashionista? Hmmm… Thinking… thinking… think… or just imagine?Victoria's Secret Fashion Model

In our fashion lifestyle today, beauty is not just rely on the sexy body or even in your beautiful face and smooth skin. Look, how can you socialize without nice dresses or even an eloquent outfits that can persuade all people surrounds you? They can appreciate your face but your nothing in the world of fashionista. Today, beauty is rely on the outfit you have, rely on the branded fashion apparels that you wear from head to foot. That’s how they rate beauty today.Victoria's Secret Angels

The pretty nice thing in fashion is you can make over the simple face into supermodel look. Just like Victoria’s Secret, Yves St. Laurent, Versace, Valentino , and Fendi can do in every fashinista that will have their fashion apparels. Look some images here how do these Five feature designer brands make over their models. If you wish to feel your fashion lifestyle like a supermodel, think of these designer brands.USA-FASHION/

Victoria’s SecretVictoria's Secret Fashion Image

Yves St. LaurentYves St. Laurent Fashion Image

VersaceVersace Fashion Image

ValentinoValentino Fashion Image

FendiFendi Fashion Image


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  1. Elise
    October 25, 2009

    great post !

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