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Just for “J” Fashion: J fashion Brands List

J fashion brandNothing completes the perfect outfit like a perfect suit in certain celebration. Style, color, and comfort are all intricate factors in choosing ultimate fashion statement in every season. Being an stylistic and fashionable, you must intend to know the right trends in each season of the year. You mush search also great trends that brought to you by Designer clothing brands in your places. For what is definite in fashion 101, you must be aware of great things when it comes to preparing yourself to an ultimate fashion lifestyle. So, here again the another guide for you in finding top list of fashion brands that surely give perfect fashion. This blog is another part of my fashion alphabets in which cover up the list of “J” fashion brands. This corner is JUST FOR “J” FASHION. Here are the list of J fashion brands.

JagJag Fashion

For more than 30 years, our sexy, and easy to wear denim has walked the walk and gone the distance. In 1972 Australians were cramming into cinemas to see The Godfather, Led Zeppelin played their infamous Australian tour and the JAG brand was born. Jag introduced contemporary sportswear designs and re-invented denim, which became an integral part of the brand. The jeans boom of the 70’s thrust Jag into the international fashion spotlight and the early success of the brand inspired all the right people to start talking about Australia and original Australian style. By the 80’s JAG boasted a star-studded cult following, with celebrities and style icons like Steve McQueen, Jackie Onassis and Bianca Jagger donning JAG jeans at A-list events and dressing them down for weekends out of the spotlight. Wearing Jag became a sign of confidence and individuality and in that respect, not much has changed twenty years on. The brand was created by Adele and Rob Palmer of the Palmer Corporation, who introduced contemporary sportswear designs and re-invented denim, an integral part of the JAG brand and its heritage. The company was acquired in March 2001 by Brisbane based Colorado Group Ltd.

J. CrewJ crew fashion

Over the years, J.Crew has continually set the standards and expectations of the industry. The label uses only the finest materials and highest qualified professionals to design their clothing. An elusive mix of sexy and casual, J.Crew styles are designed to spice up everyday wardrobes and add intensity to what may sometimes seem like a boring outfit. In addition to their amazing clothing designs, J.Crew also designs and distributes a wide variety of handbags and accessories to complement any outfit. From shirts and pants to scarves and hats, J.Crew has everything you need to live your life in style.

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson fashion

Jessica Simpson is one of many actresses/singers who have made an attempt at designing their own collection of designer clothes. Since her reality show “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” was released, Jess’ personality has been associated with a clothing obsessed diva who craves high-end labels. Spending most of her free time shopping, Jess has developed a true sense of couture fashion and has incorporated her knowledge into her first two lines of designer clothing called “Princy” and “JS by Jessica Simpson.” The line consists of a wide range of made-to-fit jeans and a variety of sexy tanks and tees. Millions of women all over the world are interested in Jessica’s fashion choices and have taken a significant interest in her collection.

Jessica’s Atticjessicas attic fashion

Jessica’s Attic is a brand new range of women’s clothing made from the finest, delicate fabrics, creating pretty, feminine dresses and tops. The attention to detail, complex cutwork and beautiful embroidery provides a unique collection to the current fashion market, allowing women to show off and highlight their femininity. With elegant styles, an assortment of pastel colors, luxurious fabrics, and exquisite designs, Jessica’s Attic is fast becoming a well known brand amongst fashion conscious women in the UK, at affordable prices.

Jil Sanderjil sander fashion

Jil Sander has often been described as the Queen of German fashion, but her style and ambitions have always been international. Her company headquarters were located in the north German city of Hamburg, but her clothes were manufactured in Milan, where she showed for almost a decade before changing her venue to Paris. A self-made success story, Sander designed for independent, intelligent women around the world. She also created fragrances for both men and women, and began producing a menswear line in 1993. Sander has a strong, modern sensibility, and her style has been described as luxurious minimalism, on the edge of forward. There were no frills or fads in Sander’s world; everything irrelevant is eliminated. Like Giorgio Armani, she is one of the fashion world’s most austere purists, a creator of designs so clean they seem stripped down to the bone. Yet it is not entirely accurate to describe her clothes as classic, because this would imply they are static, and Sander has never repeated bestselling designs from the previous collections.

Jitroisjitrois fashion

The Jitrois fashion house was created in 1983 and immediately attracted celebrity clients including Caroline of Monaco, Elton John and Cher. Leather is the Jitrois signature, and is almost the only material used in their collections. Fur, silk, and feathers complete the fun designs. In 1995, the first collection of stretch leather trousers invaded the windows of Jitrois stores. The elastic trousers perfectly hug curves and create a sexy, flattering silhouette. Hollywood fell in love with the skintight trousers, and soon nobody left the house without their “second skin”. Jitrois groupies never grow tired of the fashion house’s creations and each new collection is eagerly snatched up. Jitrois also designs men’s clothing. The designs are elegant and manly and wasted no time in gaining prestige in the industry. In 2003, Jitrois had the honor of styling the legendary Rolling Stones, and the following year Guns and Roses.

J.Lojlo fashion

Sweetface Fashion Company, owned by Jennifer Lopez in collaboration with Andy Hilfiger is the most popular celebrity clothing lines on today’s market. Since its launch in April of 2001, Sweetface Fashion Company has expanded the collection to include swimwear, fragrances, jewelry, gloves, scarves, hats, handbags, lingerie, watches, clothing and footwear. Her diversified collection has become a huge hit with fashion conscious individuals, especially in the United States. The overall image of J.Lo’s clothing line represents glamor and sexiness, much like her well-known image. Comfortable while remaining drop-dead-gorgeous, Sweetface Fashion is meant to enhance the look of everyday clothing while maintaining a feminine, sultry image.

Jockeyjockey fashion

Jockey International has nothing to do with horses and everything to do with the classic men’s brief (its invention). The more than 130-year-old company makes men’s, women’s, and children’s underwear and loungewear. Its products are sold through thousands of department and specialty stores the likes of Bloomingdale’s and JCPenney. Jockey International licenses and distributes its apparel in more than 120 countries and holds numerous licensing agreements. Chairman and CEO Debra Waller and her family own the company. Jockey International was founded by Samuel Cooper in 1876 as a hosiery company intended to relieve lumberjacks of blisters and infections resulting from shoddy wool socks.

John Smedleyjohn smedley fashion

British company John Smedley have been producing luxury fashionable knitwear for men and women for 220 years. The range now extends to children’s wear, accessories and underwear and is renowned for quality and pared-down casual tailoring. The company have continually perfected the art of wool processing methods and remain family-owned, working from the original mill in Derbyshire. The wealth of expertise ensures that garments ‘fit well, sit well and look good for a long time’. The women’s range has been expanded to encompass knitted dresses, shirts, coats and underwear. Similarly, the men’s range features shirts, cardigans and pullovers. Knitted accessories are also available for each gender. There are some children’s items available also. The hallmark of this brand is exceptional quality – using the finest raw materials and time-honored methods, the brand has a secured a global reputation in fashion knitwear. The company continue to manufacture in the UK and ‘Made in England’ is the defining ethos of the brand, etched on every label.

Jolidonjolidon fashion

Elite Fashion’s designer swimwear is targeted to elite ladies as it is exquisite in style, it offers a brilliant fit and it is made of high quality fabrics. Jolidon fashion swimwear is distinctive, original, innovative and of impeccable quality. Our one-piece and two-piece swimsuits, beachwear, monokinis, teddies and bikinis will make you look irresistible.

Joulesjoules fashion

Joules is the UK’s fastest growing lifestyle brand selling colourful, high quality individual clothing for women, men and children. Well known for bringing the country to mainstream fashion.

Jones New Yorkjones new york fashion

The signature look of Jones New York can be summed up into 2 words: sophisticated and chic. This tasteful designer label is quickly becoming one of the top collections in the fashion industry and is sought after by millions of individuals worldwide. Their sassy designs and classy styles have been dressing women for decades. Their sophisticated designs are flattering for women of all shapes and sizes and are perfect for every season. Mix and matching separates from the collection will offer a diverse wardrobe to enjoy all year long.

Juicy Couturejuicy couture fashion

The Juicy Couture label has a very definitive signature style. The first company to receive insurmountable amounts of success as a result of tracksuits, Juicy Couture really made their mark on the industry. The label offers a wide range of velour, cashmere, terry and fleece tracksuits in a number of colors and sizes. Since Juicy released their first tracksuit, many companies have attempted to copy the design of the infamous style. The defining difference between Juicy Couture designs and knock-offs is Juicy’s designs are often labeled “Juicy” in large letters on the rear of most of the pants. Hollywood celebrities have gone crazy for Juicy’s velour tracksuits. Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Madonna along with thousands of other women around the world have chosen to support the efforts of Juicy Couture in making women feel comfortable and while looking undeniably sexy at the same time.


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