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Outstanding Networks of “O” Fashion Brands

Hey outgoing fashionistas… It’s nice to keep you in trendy up stakes of Designer clothing brands such as having new sets of fashion brands that dwells into outstanding apparels that you can show up with. Having new trends this time is very difficult if you just go out into fashion boutique without knowing what styles or designs are “IN”. Making yourself updated in what trendy apparels and what fashion brands are hot today were beyond the worthy browsing of Fashion alphabets here in UK Fashion Emporium.Well, Fashion personality is not just pursuing what is the fashion statement of every fashionista. It was a fashion deal that every fashionista has each own identity regardless of who they are but known on their identity in their fashion apparels that gives their fashion statements. In order to keep yourself having an identity into world of Fashion, you need to re-identify yourself into list of fashion brands or designer clothes that you stand it on. Just like putting another category of Fashion alphabets here in UK Fashion Emporium Which deals already on the Outstanding Networks of “O” Fashion brands. Here are the fashion brands that belongs to “O” Lists.


Oasis is a high street retail fashion brand, producing quality womenswear with a consistent fit and an emphasis on colour and print. Their collection includes casual and occasional clothing, workwear, beachwear, shoes, jewellery and accessories.


The company Rotelpa S.A., owner of the Spanish women’s fashion brand, Oky Coky, was founded in 1986. With its feminine style and elegance, this brand caters to the fashionable, urban woman who stays up-to-date with current trends. In 1989, the company presented its first collection in Madrid and soon after, began to distribute throughout Spain by means of an extensive sales network. It opened a new factory in Vigo in 1992, which increased its production capacity and made it possible to reach a total of 350 points-of-sale in Spain. After entering the Portuguese market in 1994, Oky Coky began its international expansion in 1999. It was during this year that it established its presence, through prestigious multi-brand shops, in France, Belgium and Japan. The brand successfully expanded into the United Kingdom and Ireland during 2006 and 2007 and began to enter Germany as well. Today, Oky Coky is distributed at the top multi-brand shops and showrooms of Spain and abroad. It also presents its collections at SIMM in Madrid and Bread & Butter Barcelona. The company’s has a staff comprised of 42 people. In 2006, its turnover reached over 3 million euros and exports represented 8.3% of total production. Currently, the company is building new facilities in Vigo, home of its headquarters.


The eclectic Oilily clothing brand may have been born in the 1960s, but its commitment to quality and an innovative approach to textiles makes it timeless. It continuously expands its modern bohemian designs to bring consumers some of the hippest must-have clothing, footwear and accessories of today. Oilily is described on its site as “a premium worldwide fashion label focused on creative, independent women and women at the center of young families with children between 0 and 10 years old.” The brand carefully takes aim at these women via lifestyle-oriented messaging, claiming that its products are created for “women who dedicate themselves to creating the richest possible life experience for themselves and their families.” With a price point that can only place Oilily in the luxury category, the brand means “rich” in more ways than one.

Olivier Strelli

Olivier Strelli is a Belgian fashion designer, who put Belgium on the fashion map, is the son of Greek Jews from the island of Rhodes. His family migrated to Belgian Congo in the early 20th century. The Congo was Belgium’s great colonial back then with many influential groups including several other non-African communities apart from the Belgians such as the Portuguese, Indians, British, Americans, Greeks, and Jews. Many of the Greeks and Sephardic-Jews fled political unrest in the Balkans. Jewish families like Strelli’s were mainly from the Aegean Island of Rhodes. Strelli’s family ended up in Belgium after Congolese Independence.

OshKosh B’Gosh

The core strength of our business remains the OshKosh B’Gosh brand name, recognized nationally and internationally for its classic American style, durability and quality. We’ve grown from a small town manufacturer into an incredibly strong and powerful consumer brand. Today’s consumer looks to OshKosh for contemporary, stylish children’s clothing and accessories. Consistently ranked as one of the favorite children’s wear brands in recent research studies, our strong brand name is a key element in the company’s financial stability. The OshKosh B’Gosh name brand for boys and girls includes sizes from 0/3 months, sizes 12 months to 6x/7 and also sizes 7-12 for bigger boys and girls. Our products include bib overalls, pants, shorts, shirts, and swimwear, as well as a layette line for newborns. OshKosh B’Gosh merchandise also includes a variety of licensed products such as bedding, plush toys, hair accessories, shoes and socks.

OP Ocean Pacific

Ocean Pacific was started by Edmond Shumpert and Fred Ryan in March 1969 as a surfboard brand. Edmond Shumpert conceived the name Ocean Pacific and designed the original Op logo for their surfboard company. At that time Edmond Shumpert was a well known sculptor, surfer and surfboard shaper in Cardiff by the Sea where he met Mr. Ryan. Together they set up a surfboard shop in Leucadia, Ca. This shop was visited by Mike Doyle and Rusty Miller where they and Edmond discussed innovative surfboard designs. These discussions helped Edmond to produce a variety of early ‘short boards’ that sold well in the area. In August 1969, Fred Ryan sold the Ocean Pacific surfboard name and logo to Don Hansen of Hansen Surf Shop.In 1972, Jim Jenks of San Diego wanted to create clothing that met the demands of surfers in and out of the surf. He received the name from his then employer Don Hansen and the Ocean Pacific apparel line was created. Jenks’ idea for clothing under the Ocean Pacific label quickly became popular with the surf culture with its instantly recognizable ‘OP’ logo. The Ocean Pacific brand experienced financial trouble through the 1990s. Ocean Pacific was owned by Warnaco company (Calvin Klein etc.) Ocean Pacific is currently owned by Iconix Brand Group.

Odd Molly

Odd Molly | Per Holknekt and Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan have a cup of coffee, discussing a clothing design mission asked for by one of the worlds largest advertising agencies. At this time they realize they understand one another so well that they decide to use this in forming a clothing brand. On this day, it is immediately named Odd Molly. Odd Molly was one of the hangaround girls back when Per was a skateboard professional in the US. While all girls tried their hardest to impress the boys, Molly just sat around with her little smile, relaxed and securely taking it easy, not styled to impress, doing none of the tricks in the book. All the boys wanted just one of the girls. Molly. So Per & Karin wanted to capture the feeling of this loveable little mess and let her show the way to new invisible values in clothing. Odd in this brand meaning daring to remain oneself. This being when being able to show your charm and perefect little defects that make you…you. Only 17 months later Odd Molly is a homerun, a quickly written success story. Every shop with dignity and edge in Sweden today carries Odd Molly. The target group was a compilation of younger women wanting to be slightly older and slightly older women wanting to be a bit younger. All in all the customer turned out to be the she that had started her own life, had her own home. And wanted a quality aspect of life before a quantity dito. Then again many consumers are them who wanna make believe they´re quality women. Odd Molly has gotten media coverage in most every domestic paper and magazine from the biggest evening papers to the equivalents of Elle, Vogue and the weekly gossips and also straight up trade magazines.


Oxygene is about more than simple clothing, it’s about a lifestyle. The lifestyle of the modern young women and her search for beauty, taste, confidence and independence. We believe that satisfying this search doesn’t have to come at the end of an exaggerated price tag. Our vision to bring the world’s most dynamic fashion to real-life women, whether in business or leisure, at an affordable price and in a way that is unmistakably Oxygene. The result is a collection that is a both consistent, meaningful, yet varied flexible.


O-four Women casual coordinate. The O-four collection is more than a product assortment: it is a philosophy. Our collections are not only fashionable, sporty, stylish and wearable: they can also be combined and coordinated without compromise. Each new O-four collection is therefore designed based on a completely new concept. Up to no less than six times each year, our clients can submerge themselves in a completely new collection and feeling.


Mixing cute with a dark undertone and humour with a sharp sophisticated glamour. Created by designer Niki Taylor, Olanic is an anagram of the designer’s full name, Nicola Taylor has an impressive portfolio, having strong technical ability she combines creative artistic influences with sharp tailoring and cuts with razor edge precision; effective juxtapositions of patterns with an exciting use of exclusively designed fabrics. It is this quirkiness that caught the eye of Mackintosh, with whom she collaborated with for SS09 to produce a range of stunning Macs for Olanic. For Autumn|Winter 2009/10, Niki collaborated with Visual artist Kim Coleman to create an artistic presentation at Vauxhall Fashion Scout reflecting the inspiration and experimenting with mirror image. The theme was clearly portrayed in a mixed media video and clothes presentation. The video featured a montage of images reflected in mirrors interwoven between clips of models demonstrating the asymmetry of the collection.


Europe’s famous ladies’ knit and sportswear leader, based in Hamburg, Germany is branded in North America as olsen Europe. Distinguished by a bright red logo and known for it’s dramatic marketing use of 3 beautiful faces, olsen Europe has a rich history of family and tradition. In 1901, the founding company owned by Alfred L. Wolff traded food products, spices, perfumes and cosmetics around the world. Among other successes, this company today is the largest importer of honey in to Europe and runs international food and non-food businesses. In 1959, Alfred and his son Manfred formed the ladies fashion division. Friederich Olsen a former school classmate of Alfred, allowed the Wolff family to use the name Olsen to launch the new venture. They began selling “Olsen” knitwear imported from the Far East into Europe. Success came swiftly with the unprecedented sale of one million pieces of one of the original four styles. For 36 years unlabeled products were sold in Europe.

One Step

One Step offers a colourful baroque style in exclusive prints and patterns. Fluid and comfortable materials, mainly from Italy, and romantic collections have charmed modern women. One Step wonderfully mixes genres, old-fashioned stripes, raw fabrics and cashmere patterns to distil its vision of femininity : strong and subtle, singular and contemporary. Harmony above all. An original insight into fashion where all silhouettes in the collection are coordinated, harmonised : neutrals and colours, plain and printed fabrics are mixed and matched to infinity.


The O’Neill story begins with one of the most hardcore surfers of the last 45 years, company founder, Jack O’Neill. It continues with his desire in the early 1950’s to develop a lightweight, flexible product to protect surfers from the bone-chilling, sub 50 degree ocean temperatures off the coast of Northern California. O’Neill has been the world’s premiere wetsuit manufacturer since Jack O Neill sold his first wetsuit in 1952. Over the years, Jack O’Neill experimented with designs and materials intended to keep him warm in the ocean. One day he walked out of his garage workshop and into the Pacific Ocean wearing his lightest and most functional design – a suit made of neoprene. His fabrication of this material into a wetsuit has allowed today’s watersports enthusiasts a way to enjoy their specific sport, regardless of the water temperature.


Onara actually at the national market since 1976, Onara introduced in Portugal, at the time, the concept of Prêt-a-porter Brand Collection totally coordinated in subjects, colours and accessories. The success was immediate allowing Onara’s brand to become in the middle of the 80’s one of the most well known of the internal market. In the middle of the 90’s and as a consequence of the big changes towards the Portuguese purchase habits originated by the opening of big commercial spaces and the entrance of strong chains shops one-brand, Onara made a large program of the brand replacement as well as the restoration of its commercial network, established as a scope and for the consolidation of the brand, placing Onara at the level of the multi-brand shops, the internationalization and the development of exclusive shops; these actions allowed a new public evidence of the brand.

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely is a fashion company dedicated to the creation of own brand products which are sold throughout the world. Battersea’s Orla Kiely is a leading textile, accessory and knitwear designer. Her bags, wallets and fabrics have been snapped up by the likes of Harrods, Saks Fifth Ave and the more humble Marks and Spencer. Their unique designs probably explain why they appeal to everyone, from down-to-earth shoppers to the more fashion-conscious among us. Her big break came when she was spotted by Harrods on the graduation catwalk at the Royal College of Art after completing a masters in knitted textiles. Harrods commissioned her to produce a range of hats, which was followed by a collection of soft accessories. The Kiely prints usually have different variations and are used for accessories and clothing. Her spokesman said: “Orla has created her own style and vision, which is seen around the world as innovative and unique. “She is a source of direction and trend to her industry and her ideas filter down to the high streets across the world.” Orla, who studied textiles at Dublin’s National College of Art and Design, now examines for the Royal College of Art and Chelsea College of Art. She has been appointed to judge the final year students collections for the Graduate Fashion Week Awards.


Orwell the presentation of the collections of the mark Orwell. Latest current fashionable clothing for women. Orwell established in 1989 is one of Europe’s most significant fashion, lifestyle labels with a passion for what is beautiful and exceptional, creating self confident fashion for women for whom good style is vital.


In 1986 the young sportsman Oskar Metsavaht created a coat he could wear on an expedition to Mount Aconcgua, in the Andes, and the piece not only protected him from the cold but was also greatly admired by his mountaineering and skiing friends. Encouraged by the success of his creation, Oskar Metsavah decided to launch the Osklen label, specializing in sports jackets with a clean and funky style. In 1989 he opened his first boutique in Bzios, a fashionable seaside resort, selling menswear for the summer. In 1991, Metsavah combined surfing and snowboarding, his two great passions, in a new line geared towards adventurous sports. The concept worked out well and Osklen had its first fashion show in the Golden Room of the Copacabana Palace Hotel. A leader in sportswear, Osklen has now created a line of womenswear, and has two shops in Rio de Janeiro. Osklen is the only brand in the Brazilian market right now which can make beachwear look chic and modern, and which manages to keep its coolness even for fall.

Otto Kern

Otto Kern is the German men’s and women’s fashion designer label called Otto Kern. “Never underdressed” is the philosophy behind Otto Kern. The designer Otto Kern began to design his own men’s and ladies’ shirts in Herford, Germany, in 1971, gradually adding a full range of fashionable casual clothing while always respecting the principle of “comfortable yet appropriate”. A spectacular and highly controversial advertising campaign which involved a re-staging of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper in order to promote jeans during the 1990s caused an enormous surge in popularity for mid-priced fashionable casual wear. In 2000 Ahlers AG in Herford acquired the worldwide proprietary rights to the Otto Kern brand.


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