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Quality Trend for “Q” Fashion Brands

Q Fashion BrandsThere are lot of Designer Clothing brands in the market but you don’t know who gonna give you the quality fashion apparels that persuade your fashion taste. Well, for me, the primary that I’m looking for certain fashion apparel is the quality. Secondary only the design and style in which depends on my taste that suits in my fashion statement. So, when we talk on quality of certain fashion product, we always look on every labels in which we based each quality and durability based on the fashion brand of the product. Well, as part of my Fashion alphabets, we are now down to the lists of “Q” fashion brands that gives you the high quality fashion apparels. And surely belong to up-to-date trends of fashion world. Take a look on fashion brands that surely fulfill your fashion fantasy that change now into reality. Be one of the trendsetter today, and be famous fashionista tomorrow.

Qyoot Kultureqyoot kulture

Qyoot Kulture was born out of a desire for elegance and a passion for exclusive style and design. Inspired to cater for the woman who knows exactly what she wants – a woman who wants to stand out at all times; either at events, at work, look professionally chic and still be able to blend after hours. The mission is to empower today’s woman and enable her look uniquely different, yet simple and sophisticated by focusing on the precision of cuts, being attentive to details and utilizing the finest of fabrics to create formal shirts with feminine touch, ladies blouses and soft dressing enabling day-to-evening wear.

Quiksilverquiksilver fashion

Quiksilver, Inc. based in Huntington Beach, California, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of surfwear and other boardsport-related equipment. Its logo, designed by the company founder Alan Green in Torquay, Victoria, Australia in the early 1970s[1], inspired by Hokusai’s woodcut The Great Wave off Kanagawa consists of a large wave with a mountain on a red background. The company also produces a line of apparel for young women, under the brand Roxy. Its logo consists of two copies of the Quiksilver logo, one reflected, forming a heart. The company’s DC and Hawk brands are also synonymous with the heritage and culture of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, and its beach- and water-oriented swimwear brands include Raisins, Radio Fiji and Leilani. Quiksilver also carries a line of high-end apparel and accessories under its Quiksilver Edition brand. In 2005, the company launched The Quiksilver Foundation, a charitable foundation which works to provide environmental, educational, health and youth-related projects to board riding communities around the world.

Queene and Belle queene and belle

Queene and Belle was founded in May 2000 by Doreen Keen and Angela Bell, previously head designers at Pringle of Scotland. Tired of the purist approach to Cashmere and lovers of all things antique, quirky and cool, they wanted to inject their passions into a new, exquisite cashmere collection. Together they discovered The Haining, a beautiful Scottish Palladian style mansion. It has become a source of inspiration for their magnificent and luxurious creations. Elegant and stylish, Doreen Keen is the driving force behind the business and has worked in the fashion industry since 1980. Keen is an avid traveler and magpie to the newest, most beautiful and timeless objects that she can gather inspiration from. Angela Bell graduated from Kingston University with a First Class degree in fashion design and worked as a knitwear designer specializing in cashmere for 14 years. Bell has an incredible eye for color, shape and detailing working predominantly on the creative side of the collection. Bell also has an eye for objects and these bizarrely beautiful finds can be seen around The Haining.

Queen of e.vilqueen of evil

As Decreed by the Queen of e.vil. fashion movement, social experiment, alter ego, ironic contradiction. This is an awesome fashion for everyone becoming in famy look, street fashionista, casual intriguing, and even outraging your style are all in view in Queen of e.vil fashion.

Qubha qubha fashion

Qubha offers complete coordinated looks of related outwear with a strong accent on current colors and fashion trends addressed to a dynamic a trend woman between 25 and 45 years old. It is about a very demanding woman knowing the fashion field very well and always looking for the most peculiar things. The constant research of new materials, more and more sophisticated and up-to-dated combined each others in a very harmonious way, is the real peculiarity of Qubha’ collection. The decision to open new markets and getting a new clients target drives the Company to create a second collection which is officially presented through «X-LADY» brand name in June 2001. X-LADY is the result of a long research following the strong demand of QUBHA’ clients who intend to address to these women looking for a trend product certainly but more comfortable in term of sizes.

Quadri Foglioquadri foglio

Thai Company-Mark, the owner and distributor of brand Quadri Foglio, founded in 1989, just two years after the foundation of the company decided to create its own brand offering clothing for the children of the highest quality. This is how the brand Quadri Foglio. The brand name derives from the Italian language: “quadri foglio” means “a four-koniczynka” – the symbol of happiness and prosperity. Something. Since the beginning of the brand, working on the new collection, our designers put the greatest emphasis on the comfort of a small customer. Sew all the clothes of the highest quality materials, which ensures high durability of clothes, high quality and wearing comfort. Quadri Foglio brand is synonymous with comfort and freedom – in ubrankach Quadri Foglio, each child will feel very comfortable.

QSqs fashion

The German brand QS incorporates the latest fashion trends and has unexpectedly good prices. This appeals to the Dutch! QS is able to respond quickly and flexibly to short-term trends with its twelve collections per year. PinkPR’s activities involve amongst other showroom sampling to fashion stylists.


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    All of our merchandise is brand new and guaranteed to be authentic. Fashion Designer

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