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Trendy Stuff for “T” Fashion Brands

T Fashion BrandsLooking forward for the trendy fashion nowadays. What’s gonna be the most influential fashion trends this time? Is it on Western or in Eastern? Well, it’s up to the fashion cities what Designer clothes brands are “IN” in their fashion society. But for me, I rather go with my searches of high quality fashion stuffs that really fits on in my wardrobe as part of my Fashion statement. As part of my Fashion Alphabets here in UK Fashion Emporium, here again the next letter from my fashion brand alphabets which is now focusing on the category of “T” Fashion brands. Don’t rush yourself in boutique without looking some trendy stuff here in list of “T” Fashion brands. It was a sustainable fashion emporium that up stakes the high quality trends from this list of Top Designer Clothing that belongs to T labels fashion brands.

Take TwoTake Two

Take-Two is an Italian brand that was always very keen on developments in fashion and many feel for new trends. Research and innovation than the starting point for collections that excel in terms of their appearance by thoughtful and progressive design. The development and production with only the best materials and processes are often exclusively developed by Take-Two and include substantially true Italy is famous for, perfection from raw materials to the complete article in the shop. Take-Two gives the wearer a strong image bursting personality. Always looking for improvement and innovation, with freedom and own opinion of a large part of the brand identity.

Tally Weijl tally weijl

Since its conception in 1984, Tally Weijl has become one of the fore runners in young women’s fashion. Tally Weijl is an international company active in the design, manufacture, and sales of sexy fashion apparel for the young, self-confident women. Our collections are represented in more than 180 stores, and by 1000 retail partners in 17 different countries. All retail outlets are in triple A locations with the highest footfall. ‘totally sexy’, has always been our mantra, it can be felt in every part of the company. “totally sexy” sets parameters for Tally Weijl, which are reiterated throughout the company as a whole, “totally sexy” is our blue print, its what our clothing stands for. We are an extremely ambitious and determined company who have never lost sight of our vision, that been to make every young girls wish come through, to look “totally sexy”.

Tamara Catztamara catz

Hawaii based womens clothing designer. This Maui designer already has a world-wide following, and her sarongs and super-stylish beachwear have been featured in many fashion magazines. If you’re looking for a sequined bikini or a delicately embroidered sundress, this is the place to check out.

Tara Jarmontara jarmon

An encounter : between a businessman, David Jarmon, and a young and lovely Canadian student, Tara. They combined their talents and gave birth to a project : a line of clothing. He manages it, she is in charge of the design. She gives it her name and her spirit, that is to say joy, pureness, freshness, spontaneity. A brand is born, Tara Jarmon. Smart and comfortable pieces, colored and sexy but never provocative, embellished with details such as embroidery, a bow, a flower; sober cuts, in sweet and silky materials : muslin, cotton, satin, velvet. In short, a line which is perfectly adapted to a modern, elegant, self-confident, dynamic woman. Tara Jarmon is the embodiment of a pure feminine simplicity. A Parisian and at the same time a universal brand.

Tashiatashia fashion

Tashia – Sara Chiaramonte has always been driven by a passion for colour, texture and print, and takes her inspiration from her extensive travels around India and the Far East. Sara initially launched Tashia as an accessories label in 1998, with a hugely successful collection specializing in scarves and wraps in luxurious fabrics such as suede, cashmere and silk.

Teddy Smithteddy smith

First French manufacturer of jeans denim, the group Teddy Smith is created by Philippe Bouloux President in 1989. From its origin, the group Teddy Smith, placed the expectations of its customers in the heart of its projects by specializing in the creation, the manufacturing and the distribution(casting) of jeans denim and a wide range of clothes and additional accessories. Today, the success of the group is based on the capacity of its teams to organize 16 years of experience in the control of jean’s denim treatment technologies. With more than 550 employees, a design office with more than 30 persons, the group realizes an 85 millions euros turnover with more than 5 millions pieces sold. Finally, with more than 800 references by season, Teddy Smith has for ambition to reinvent the concept of jeans denim by offering collections of products segmented under various brands. Abroad: The group Teddy smith knows a strong success in Great Britain and seduces the European market, and will be distributed soon to the United States.

Teenage Millionaireteenage millionaire

Teenage Millionaire clothing as seen in Star, People The Source, Nylon, Tokion, Vanity Fair, Vice, While You Were Sleeping, Flux, and the National Enquirer to name a few. How do these famous people get through the day with all their responsibilities? They wear Teenage Millionaire clothes! One celebrity was quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t have a career in Hollywood if it wasn’t for Teenage Millionaire!” Celebrities the world over have been singing Teenage Millionaire’s praise. Be like all these celeb’s making history and increasing their saleability, prowess and chances of winning awards ten fold.


Aimed at the modern woman, this designer with store locations in Montreal, Quebec, also shows company contacts. Reviews trends and basics. Teenflo continues to focus on creating a collection based on quality fabrics, exceptional fits and modern styling. Teenflo can be found in specialty boutiques across Canada, such as Holt Renfew, and the United States.


Every year we have a spring/summer collection and an autumn/winter one. When we develop our clothes, our starting point is that they should all function together, so they can easily be combined with each other, in terms of technical qualities as well as colors, cuts and details. The way we see it, this is also an important part of a functional collection. And for the best possible fit, we always have one collection specially designed for men, and another one for women.


Terranova shows the world what it means to be Italian in the fashion industry, with unmistakable style and flair. You can see it in our Terranova stores,the stylishness of our fashions and even in the Italian touch we have in designing our store layout.


Thatchers fashion is regularly cited as proof of the new cosmopolitan spirit in Berlin. It is one of the few labels hyped by the press and loved by the fashion consumer at the same time. Thatcher’s funky urban fashion is for the busy city woman who likes to mix a totally individual style with comfort and ease – They express fun in life, enhance femininity and fulfil the functional needs of a challenging day. The design duo – Ralf Hensellek and Thomas Mrozek started out in 1995. Since then they’ve developed landmark collections that express lust for life, enhance femininity and are also practical and durable.


The family-owned company Thelin was founded by Marianne Thelin in 2001. From the start of our journey Thelin has been working with authenticity and understated sensuality. The result is well-proportioned clothes that are fashionable, yet have their own personal ‘edge’ with an unexpected detail or use of unusual fabrics and colors. We at Thelin love small surprises! Thelin is using purely exclusive materials such as silk, cotton, wool and linen. The pieces in the Thelin collection are easy to wear and easy to style for various looks. Although the ambiance surrounding the brand is young, Thelin isn’t so much about age but about individuality and the freedom to create one’s own style.


Tibi chick is passionate about what she wears, so much so that she decided to create her own fashion collection! Tibi’s clothes are madly adorable, cute and contemporary, they’re special — just like her.
Tibi chick believes in individual style. Whether you’re dashing off to the beach, having lunch with friends at the club, or need that perfect little cocktail dress, TIBI chick has something adorable in her wardrobe that you’ll fall head over heels in love with! Traveling is a Tibi tradition and her collection is often inspired by the fascinating places and fantastically amazing people she encounters on her journeys. Tibi sees the world as her oyster and there’s nothing she enjoys more than dreaming of her next fashion adventure.

Tiger of Swedentiger of sweden

After that, it was a slow journey for the Vespa and the suit. (Not to mention the imperialistic tie and the fascist bra.) But in the eighties, it happened again. Suddenly, the streets of Milano were filled with young, well-dressed men riding on Vespas. These young men, called “Paninaris,” spent their days hanging around cafés, eating sandwiches and whistling at the passing girls. Tiger of Sweden was founded in 1903 by tailors Markus Schwartzman and Hjalmar Nordström, and is a true Swedish men’s fashion classic. During the 1990’s Tiger decided to take things further, and started developing a new line of clothes that were aimed for a younger, and female as well as male, market.

Tim Van Steenbergentim van steenbergen

The challenge in my work is the search for authenticity and artisanship in fashion.
The difference between confection and prêt-à-porter or couture is to be found in how it is made.
Handwork, quality of fabric, building a piece layer by layer, differentiates my work from confection.
I’m in search of old values in a new world. The motivation in my work is to transfer craftsmanship and the old values into different and modern designs. Due to my belief in artisanship, every garment is created by hand on the dummy to develop its characteristic shape.
These traditional construction process and unique draping techniques guarantee a high appreciated quality and an exclusive collection.


Branching out from its original “takes a licking” designs, Timex is strapping on fresh faces so it can tap new markets worldwide. The nation’s largest watch manufacturer has expanded its lines from simple, low-cost watches to include high-tech tickers capable of paging or downloading computer data. Its sports watches have gone upscale and gadgetry with its Expedition and Ironman lines. The company also makes and markets thermostats, pedometers, and weather instruments. Through a licensing agreement, Timex makes watches for Guess? and Versace, among others. Founded in 1854, Timex is owned by the family of chairman Annette Olsen, whose grandfather bought the company in 1942.


Knitwear Spanish brand, specialized in woman knitwear tops and t-shirt high design, trends & qualities, main markets Spain, Portugal & UK, fashion shows: PURE LONDON, MODA BIRMINGHAM, BFF BRUSSELS & SIMM MADRID

Tommy Hilfigertommy hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has been referred to as the Ralph Lauren of a new generation, but he has clearly come unto his own in the world of fashion. With successful lines of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, home furnishings, and a unisex fragrance, Hilfiger became the fashion guru of the 1990s and the biggest thing to hit the fashion industry in a decade. An enticement to a wide variety of consumers, his designs are casual while his prices remain moderate. Hilfiger’s most praiseworthy achievement, however, is his precision of brand execution. Alan Millstein, editor of The Fashion Network Report trade magazine, described the method behind Hilfiger’s success to USA Today: “It’s a combination of great marketing, merchandising, and hype. He’s packaged better than any designer since Ralph Lauren.”

Torras torras

The Torras company headquarters are located in Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona. The Company began its activity in 1951 with the production of knitwear. But gradually extended its product lines to include leather wear. Today the Company is considered to be a leading leather wear manufacturer. It has incorporated new technologies whilst preserving traditional leather craft skills, combined with excellent designs and customer service. All this has made Torras one of the sector’s best known names. The company embarked on its international expansion strategy in 1965. Nowadays its two product lines are sold in multi-brand stores in 52 countries.

Trash Couturetrash couture

Trash Couture are Paris based designers Ann Wiberg and Roberto Henrichsen. Both are well established designers in their own right, Roberto was creative director for both Anna Molinari and Missoni and Ann has a number of boutiques in Copenhagen and London. However when they met up after having lost touch for 20 years they decided to work on something together and Trash Couture was born. The duo take colour very seriously in their designs. They believe that the colour you are wearing can affect your mood which is why they call their creations mood dresses. Fusing haute couture luxury fashion and street style into easy to wear clothing.

Tres Royale tres royale

We are a clothing line rocking the crazy urban, hip hop, latino, pretty much everything scene!! Our designers pride themselves on fusing together cultures. Tres Royale offers a new kind of dress. Cultural awareness is expressed in every piece of clothing. Individuals seeking cultural and/ or personal expression can relate to the story told through each piece of clothing.

Trixi Schober trixi schober

The German designer Trixi Schober makes fashion for women who do not mix up feeling for style with styling. “I make fashion for women who remain true to themselves and do not submit to every fashion trend. This is the creed of the German designer Trixi Schober who has been successfully creating wearable fashion for women for more than 25 years, who – as she herself – have both feet in job. She sets on plain styles and high quality. She is being supported by her husband, Helmut Schober, who is responsible for finances, production and administration.


Based on the lands of Buenos Aires, a location as exotic and noncoventional as her breakthrough designs, designer Jessica Trosman develops her line mixing deep avant-garde and almost rebellious pieces with a sort of antique chicness, she designs with a “plastic surgeon’s” approach combining a wide variety of materials and processes, where elements such as feathers, plants, beads and photographs are married with paint, canvas and vintage jewellery. Trosman is a brand that for the last years was successfully featured in major stores such as Barney’s NY, Linda Dresner, Henri Bendel, Via Bus Stop Japan, Barneys Japan. Villa Moda Kuwait, Saks Saudi Arabia, Harvey Nichol’s London, Browns London, Tiziana Fausti SRL, Bergamo, Pupi Solari Milano, Sunflower 8 SRL / Biffi Milano, Raia e.C. S.A.S. Torino, Da Vinci SRL, Varese, Al Duca D’Aosta S.P.A, Venezia, among others.

True Religiontrue religion

True Religion Brand jeans transcends the denim apparel market with awe inspiring originality.
Established in the fall 2002, to take the denim culture in a refreshing new direction. The Los Angeles based premium denim company uses an intense attention to detail, from the fashion-forward seems, remarkable embroidery and the innovative hand-sanded vintage washes to distinguish itself as a leader in the jeans wear market for both men and women. Recently introduced to the line is a myriad of colored corduroy pants, skirts and shrunken blazers in a multitude of shades ranging from vibrant green apple, fuchsia and turquoise, to cool earth tones like camel, sand and garnet, with everything in between.


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  1. Kay |
    April 8, 2010

    These are really awesome designers! Although I don’t know some of them but I think these are all good ! I personally think that Trash Couture rocks!

  2. eonephotography
    April 8, 2010

    Its great reading about all of the different people in fashions, collaborations of styles, and upcoming innovations through design.
    Thanks for the interesting read! 🙂

  3. Elise Grrech
    February 15, 2011

    I need a Fashion Brand to open a shop here in Malta. Can someone help me please

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