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Unlimited Fashion Emporium for “U” Fashion Brands

Well, guys its nice to be back in updating my blog again into a worthy and effective way of helping you in obtaining new trends in fashion especially in Designer clothes brands that you want to know. Being a fashionista, its a vicious thing to familiarize such fashion labels that gives you ultimate fashion descendants. The more you know about fashion, the more trendy fashion statements that you possess. Like checking out this unlimited fashion emporium of “U” fashion brands list. Some are unknown in your fashion city but well known in the heart of every fashionista who embraces already the quality of the every fashion apparels in U fashion labels. Make a round trip on it:

Udeshi udeshiThe Udeshi collection of tailored menswear is a luxury collection offering the best of English tailoring with a uniquely modern design sensibility. Oscar Udeshi, of Austrian and Zanzibar parentage, was born and raised in the former British colony of Hong Kong. In London he read economics and philosophy at the London School of Economics, before embarking on a career as a banker at a prestigious financial institution in the City.

UFO JeansUFO jeansSince its beginnings in 1967, UFO has been taking military surplus as its inspiration and adapting it ot the times, using music, arts, politics and contemporary ideologies as its foundation. Leo Brody, along with his wife Evelyn, built up a flourishing military surplus business in the 1940s. As a branch of this business, originally called An-Ev, Leo decided to expand into jeans wear. The An-Ev label was such a success that it grew into a full jeans and pants collection. In 1967, the name was changed yo UFO, and has continued through the years.

Ulla Popken Ulla PopkenSpecializing in sizes 12-38, Ulla Popken has quickly become America’s plus size specialist. We launched our first American store in April of 1994, in Baltimore, Maryland. We offer 6 collections per year. Each collection is offered in our catalog, website and retail store. Over 30 years ago we planted our roots in Europe, and now have approximately 300 Ulla Popken stores throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland. In addition to this, we are in approximately 200 specialty stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

UluruUluruAt Uluru, there is great intent in each silhouette, seam, and detail. I believe that less is more. I believe clothing speaks your identity and that your identity should be yours; fluid not fickle, and definitely not defined by a label. There is space in my garments for women to interpret, move, accessorize, layer, and wear. My inspirations come from history, others and mine. A time when fashion, the life for that matter was slower, producer and consumer were closer and quality was valued over quantity.

Umbro UmbroUmbro is a globally recognized football brand with a strong heritage derived from more than 70 years’ association with the sport of football. Umbro designs, sources and markets football-related apparel, footwear and equipment and its products are sold in over 90 countries worldwide. Umbro’s product range comprises apparel, footwear and equipment. All products are sourced from independent manufacturers, principally located in the Far East. Football is the central theme around which all the Group’s apparel, footwear and equipment products are developed. Umbro seeks to capitalize on growth in the worldwide popularity and visibility of football through continued association of its performance product lines with national teams, clubs and players.

Ungaro Fever UngaroThings are heating up at Emanuel Ungaro. The French house is lLaunching Fever, an eclectic melange of cool clothes for 18- to 30-year-olds. The collection, which includes tie-dyed jeans, Leopard coats, and embellished tees, is the brainchild of Ungaro’s artistic director, Giambattista Valli, and is set to debut next fall. We wanted to capture the fever of being young, wanting it all, and wearing it all,” explains Valli…. Rumor has it Marc Jacobs is planning to Launch a second line, designed for a more modest budget…. Expect tuxedo suits and skinny pants when designer Victor Alfaro introduces Vic during New York’s fall collections. According to Alfaro, it will be a “younger, spirited collection. Still very sophisticated, but sportier, more fun, and very sexy.”

UnionbayunionbayUnionbay is America’s Alternative Sportswear Company. We have established a strong presence in the apparel industry. The all-American alternative fashion label with a sporty vibe, Unionbay was founded in Seattle, Washington in the U.S. in 1981. Recognized as one of the leading fashion denim brands in the U.S., Unionbay was developed to cater to the teenager who is active, creative, youthful, trendy and sporty. A teenager who is looking for an alternative to other conventional mainstream brands. There’s a range for Junior ( young ladies ), and men. Apart from apparel, the Unionbay range also includes carry wear and footwear.

United BambooUnited BambooUnited Bamboo re-imagines classic American sportswear as a wide-open landscape not fenced in by the past. It is a place where clothing collections and collaborative projects grow from roots planted and nourished by design duo Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham. United Bamboo’s innovative pattern making techniques and dynamic juxtapositions distort the classic sportswear tradition of American chic, creating a new mythology – one grounded in tradition, but energized by experimentation. A potent combination of playfulness, feminine instinct, form and cut makes United Bamboo one of the most imaginative and exciting new labels in fashion. Miho Aoki launched United Bamboo in 1998. A native of Japan, she came to New York in 1995 to attend FIT. Miho was formerly a design assistant at the now defunct NY based fashion/art collective, Bernadette Corporation.

Utzon UtzonBenedikte Utzon – Utzon Leather Company is building on rich family traditions in fur, suede and leather. Utzon leather originates from the 18th century, where furrier Leidersdorf founded the family’s first fur house. The traditions of working with fur, suede and leather have been passed on for generations and today the name Utzon stands for the most innovative but still classical designs in Scandinavia. All materials used are of the highest quality to meet the needs of the most distinguished customers and carefully selected from the best places in the world. Our vision is to create a unique collection in the most silky soft suede and leather combined with fur, for the trendy but still classical look designed by our Chief designer Benedikte Utzon. Benedikte Utzon has with her designs managed to combine generations of knowledge with a talented eye for high fashion.


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