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Are you tired of buying clothes again and again
to get that new look? Well, now you don’t have to do that again because we provide
you here some of Maldita’s sophisticated items that you can mix and match with
any of the available pieces on your closet! Here are they:
Maldita lace cut and sew blazer
1. Maldita’s Lace Cut and Sew Blazer
Maybe you will think this blazer is just
another one same from the others but this is absolutely not. Maldita’s black
cut and sew blazer is made from the sophisticated combination of lace and
linen, ready to give you a distinct look. This combination is very rare yet
still matches with any kind of inner tops. It is best paired with another laced
short or skirt.
Maldita Tulip Skirt
2. Maldita’s Tulip Skirt
Maldita’s tulip skirt has really got a very
unique design. It is a color beige high waisted skirt made from premium lace of
classy pattern. It has a triangular shape slit cut in front which makes it
extraordinary and enables you to move freely. This skirt can go with any color
and type of blouse. It can be paired with another lace, cotton, and chiffon
top. Maldita’s tulip skirt definitely gives you a very elegant look whenever
you wear it on any formal or informal event.
Maldita crepe sleeveless
3. Maldita’s Crepe Sleeveless
If there’s any multifaceted blouse you can ever
have, it is undeniably Maldita’s crepe sleeveless. It is a very simple and
plain blouse that gives you an extravagant look! What make it different from any
other blouses are the unique metal tip collar and the triangle-shaped crop it
has on its back. Maldita’s crepe sleeveless can be worn with plain or printed
pants, shorts, and skirt of any color. Not just that! You can wear it with a
coat or a cardigan depending in your mood and you can wear it with or without
accessories but will still give you a high-class look. On different occasions
you will be attending, even if it’s an indoor or outdoor affair, this smart
pick will still surely fit.
So if you want a distinct outfit that can be
paired with any type of clothes and can go with any kind of events, grab these
three Maldita Must-Haves now for just reasonable prices.



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